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Skinny Dippers



Skinny Dippers is a Brooklyn NY based Indie Music project fronted by singer/songwriter Ryan Gross. Drawing from his roots growing up on the coast of Maine, his style spans a broad range of genres by blending guitar driven indie rock arrangements with analog synthesizers and choral harmonies. The songwriting shares intimate moments through understated lyricism while turning them into feelings every listener can relate to. Musically the band pulls from a number of influences including artists like Hovvdy, TOLEDO, The Shins, Wilco, and Stephen Malkmus.

In 2022 Gross enlisted the help of neighbors Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez of the band TOLEDO to join as collaborators and producers on his debut album The Town & The City. The songs blend Indie-Rock, Folk, and Dream Pop forming a collection of stories about growing up on the rural coast and moving into adulthood in the depths of New York City.

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“Beautifully breathy vocals lap on the shore of the listening experience like soft waves. The lyricism is poetic and yet, wholly authentic so as to become relatable in a way that illumines the listeners' own experiences of the past”  -Indie Shuffle

"An entrancing folk track with serene yearning...A warming folk production with resonating lyrical wit" -Obscure Sound

"His music draws influence from the jangly sounds of Pavement and The Cure with some doses of STRFKR and JR JR.” “It’s kind of irresistible” -Variance Mag

“Heartwrenching. The project of Ryan Gross delivers an engrossing story that at first feels like the greatest romance ever told.” -The Revue

“oozes, languid sun dappled melodies out of every blissful musical pore” -Janglepop Hub

“Glad to report that its gilded harmonies, cascading jangle and all round melodic turns sound just as swell on all repeats. Skinny Dippers have the wherewithal to rope us into their sixties laden effects like the Shins can do and keep us on high alert until fade out” -mp3hugger

“Summer wouldn't be half as nice without the songs of singer and songwriter Ryan Gross.”  -We Love That Sound

"Wonderfully and huggably romantic. You’ll just want to listen to it on repeat, something best done with someone special!" -Analoguetrash

"light, joyful, and full of possibilities yet interspersed with shades of wistfulness. Magical!" -Glamglare

"You’re in need of a shining bit of guitar pop to win you over? This single feels like you’ve left town, windows down and the warmth of the day shining upon your face." -Austin Town Hall

"The absolute definition of music for a lazy day, gorgeous in its drowsy hush, another great release by Ryan Gross the man behind the Skinny Dippers moniker." -Electric Sound of Joy

"A mixture of Sixties pop and Nineties college rock tied together with upbeat guitars, West Coast harmonies, and gloomy synths." -Here Comes The Flood

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